About EU Scheme for Young Professionals in the Western Balkans

Public administration reform (PAR) remains among the focal areas of EU's assistance for the Western Balkans countries, namely Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo , the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia (hereafter WB6). WB6 countries face common challenges in the field of PAR despite recent progress made in the context of the EU enlargement process. According to the European Commission country Progress Reports and the EU/OECD SIGMA assessment reports, Public Administration Reform challenges in the Western Balkans include but are not limited to: enhancement of policy and legislative development and coordination capacities and processes including European Integration planning and implementation, streamlining public administration organisation and accountability lines, professionalisation and de-politicisation of the civil service, human resource development and management, improving the quality, accessibility and delivery of public services to citizens and businesses and the public finance management system.

Regional cooperation remains a catalyst for the enlargement process and a key enabling factor for comprehensive reforms and the return to sustainable economic growth in the Western Balkans. The common PAR problems faced by the WB6 countries could also be more efficiently addressed through peer review and sharing of good practices.

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