The College of Europe is a non-profit organisation supported by the European Union (EU) and by each of its Member States. Established in Bruges (Belgium), it has the status of a foundation of public utility according to Belgian law.



The College of Europe was founded in 1948 and opened in 1949 as the world’s first university institute of postgraduate studies in European affairs. Being ahead of its times, in 1993 the College of Europe contributed to the reunification of a divided Europe by establishing a second campus in Natolin (Warsaw, Poland), which advanced the changes and transformations that countries in Central and Eastern Europe would undertake in the following years.



Operating as ‘One College – two campuses’, the College of Europe is a centre of academic excellence preparing individuals to work and live in an international environment and to contribute to the functioning and progress of an increasingly interdependent international society, promoting dialogue and mutual understanding.



To accomplish its mission, the College of Europe offers five different bilingual (English and French) one-year master’s programmes on European affairs, and has recently launched a two-year joint degree on transatlantic affairs with the Fletcher School in the US. The courses offered at the College have closely followed the evolution of European integration and the progressive specialisation of those working in this field.


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