Created by the General de Gaulle in 1945, the Ecole Nationale d’Administration (ENA) is a school meant to provide practical training to broaden access to the highest executive levels of government service and to improve the professional practice for senior civil servants.

The ENA’s mission is to democratize the recruitment of senior government officials and to professionalize their training. The school has continuously evolved its structures and its teaching in order to remain faithful to the principles of 1945.



The school’s main responsibility is to recruit, through a competitive entrance exam, and to train the men and women who will make public service a living institution and enable it to adapt to ever-changing times. At the same time, the school must pass on the ethics of government service to its graduates, based on the values of responsibility, political neutrality and selfless service.

Another mission ensured by ENA is the continuous training of top civil servants in order to develop the skills and competences required for the execution of their mandates in French public administration.

To this end, ENA provides inter-ministerial career development, following a multidisciplinary pedagogical approach. Hence, it holds a central position within the French system of human resources management in the public sector and plays a major role in the modernisation of the civil service.


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More information about ENA can be found at: www.ena.fr