After a long period of waiting for visiting Belgium, 25 young civil servants as part of the EU Scheme for Young Professionals project, spent five days in Brussels and Bruges.

Due to the global restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, our participants followed the first phase of the project in an online environment. After many months of waiting, the young civil servants from round I of this project experienced a study trip to Brussels and Bruges, as one of the last activities of this two-year long programme. In the period from 13.07. until 17.07.2022., a great five-day trip was completed by a visit to the College of Europe, a university that is largely responsible for the new knowledge of young civil servants, acquired during the first phase of the project.

We present to you the wonderful scenes of our visits to the mentioned cities through the pictures, but we will see the knowledge achieved so far through all the future work of these young people in charge of EU integrations in Bosnia and Herzegovina.