Results English Language Test – List of Candidates for the Interviews (03/OCT2016)

Results English Language Test – List of Candidates for the Interviews (03/OCT2016)

Results English Language Test – List of Candidates for the Interviews (03/OCT2016)

NB: The complete list of candidates invited to the interviews is available for download below. Each invited applicant will receive a separate email by each British Council country office with the exact timing and venue of his interview. Kindly read the following paragraphs first, and then scroll down to download the list.

Report on the English Language Test

As established by the Rules of Procedure (p. 9 and p. 11) 15 candidates will be shortlisted for interview from each country, with 90 candidates in total, the distribution ratio for each available place will be 1 to 3. The interview panel retains the right to raise (up to 20 candidates per country) or diminish the overall number of invited applicants according to the results of the English Language Test.

As for the above the overall number of invited applicants divided per country who passed the English Language Test or who presented a proof of a valid equivalent IELTS/TOEFL Certificate is the following:

  • Albania: 15 invited
  • Bosnia and Hercegovina: 9 invited
  • the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia: 19 invited
  • Kosovo: 16 invited
  • Montenegro: 8 invited
  • Serbia: 13 invited

In total 80 candidates passed the English Language Test and have been invited to sit the interviews.

We remind you that as per Rules of Procedure (p. 16):

  • Before starting the interview the EU Scheme Secretariat will register the candidate. Therefore a copy of a valid passport issued by National Authorities is needed. Passports of another country than the one where the applicant works as a civil servant will not be acceptable. Make sure to take with you a valid passport.
  • Interviews will be conducted by a panel composed of an odd number of members (i.e. 5). The selection panel will include three permanent members: a representative of EU/COM, a representative of British Council and a short term expert with a specific academic background as professor and scholarship management experience; and two rotating members (depending on each country where the interviews will be held): a representative of the National IPA Coordinator (NIPAC) and a representative of the EU Delegation (EUD). Interviews will be held in each capital city of the six target countries in British Council premises accordingly to the schedule listed at p. 14 of the Rules of Procedure.
  • Prior to each interview panel members will individually review the CV and the Motivation Letter enclosed with the application of the candidate (5 minutes) and will score it properly accordingly to the overall quality of the CV and of the motivation letter in compliance with higher EU standards (keeping as main indicators for the evaluation the following: consistency, clarity, languages, studies, professional experience).
  • The interviews will last for up to 20 minutes per each candidate and they will consist of a 5 to 7 minutes personal presentation in English and a 5 to 7 minutes interview in English on the candidate’s motivations, including the proposal made in the motivation letter for the common research to be performed during the exchange programme.
  1. a) Presentations: the scope of this part of the interviews is to test the presentation and interpersonal skills of the candidates. Applicants invited to the interviews must prepare a personal presentation based on their academic and professional background and they can organise their presentation in any manner they prefer (though there will not be the availability of power-point and projector). The main goal of this part of the interview is to assess: a) candidates’ presentation skills, b) candidates’ general knowledge, c) candidates’ professional/academic background
  2. b) Interview: candidates will be asked very general questions about EU integration and Western Balkans, their field of activity within PA, their studies and professional background.
  • Candidates are scored on a 10/10 basis, once for the review of CV/letter of motivation, once for presentation and once for the second part of the interview (maximum 10 points awarded for each part). The final score is determined by the mathematical average of the three parts the interview is divided in. Maximum 10 points are awarded for the interview. Anyone below 6 is considered not to have passed the interview and therefore cannot be considered as eligible. The interview counts for up to 100% of the final aggregate score.
  • Candidates are scored first by each interview panel member individually, and then the final mark of the candidate is calculated by making the mathematical average. If there are relevant differences between a scoring and another decided by each interview panel member (more than 3 points) the final mark will be agreed upon consensus of the panel members



The list of candidates who passed the English Language Test can be downloaded here, including the day of invitation to the interview.

Each candidate will receive a separate email including the exact hour and venue of the interview.

NB No delays or changes of interview hour/date are possible due to tight schedule and strict timeline. Online (Skype or other means) interviews are not possible.