Knowledge from the real-life problems is crucial for the research of selected topics for writing public policy papers. In the previous period, our participants divided into five groups, visited five countries in the Western Balkans. The selection of destinations and institutions has been done based on their public policy topics. During the visits the participants could find potential solutions and useful information for their further work. Thus, groups of 5 participants visited Serbia, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo. Please find attached pictures from their meetings and trips, and read some of the statements below to experience the journey from their point of view.

“The trip to Skopje is a great delight, primarily because I have visited Macedonia for the first time. The buildings are breath taking and the people are very hospitable. During the talks with the representatives of the Institutions, I was especially impressed by the fact that Macedonia has harmonized 80% of its laws and regulations with EU laws, and that this is the policy they follow so that when it comes to negotiations for candidate status, they have less work to do. This is one of the best examples of good practice that I heard during the official visit to the Institutions, and there were really many of them. We have recorded all examples of good practice and the representatives have selflessly shared with us the materials that will help us in drafting our Policy Paper. What was different and beautiful to see are the many women who hold various positions.”

“During the exchange, we had the opportunity to visit key institutions and exchange experiences and ways of functioning of institutions in BiH and Kosovo. What surprised me the most was the number of young civil servants in all the institutions we have visited and the existence of the “Young Cell Scheme”, which gives young people the opportunity to complete master’s studies in European Union countries, after which they become civil servants in one of the institutions in Kosovo.”

“We first visited the premises of the British Council and after that EU Delegation, where we learned what the EU Delegation is doing and they wished us a lot of success in writing the policy paper. They presented to us what the Transport Community is doing, what its goals are and what the plans are for railway transport. We had the third meeting with the representatives of the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure of Serbia. We will better examine possible parallels between the railway transport reform in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

“During our study visit to Tirana, we had the opportunity to visit the EU Delegation in Tirana, the Agency for Strategic Coordination of the Government of Albania, the Ministry of Tourism and Environment and the UNDP. During the meetings in these institutions, we received information about the projects they are implementing in the north and south of the country. We received information that will certainly help us in the following work. “