Certificates were awarded to participants of the second round of the “EU Scheme for Young Professionals in BiH.”

On October 25 and 26, certificates were awarded to participants of the second round of the “EU Scheme for Young Professionals in Bosnia and Herzegovina”, officially ending the months-long training of 24 participants in this year’s program. During the final conference, the participants, civil servants, presented their public policy proposals based on solving problems from the public sector they come from, which they will further apply in practice to improve the work of institutions. The two-year project “EU Scheme for Young Professionals in Bosnia and Herzegovina” is financed by the European Union with 1.5 million euros and implemented by the British Council in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and now the time is coming when we will have the opportunity to observe their progress.

“The process of joining the European Union is a big task for the BiH administration, and with this project, we have contributed to strengthening the capacities of young civil servants in BiH to lead these processes following the example of their colleagues from the European Union and the Western Balkans. After study visits to European institutions, they not only better understand these processes but also have ideas on how they can improve their daily work and in cooperation with their colleagues”, emphasized Karel Lizerot, Head of the Department for Justice and Internal Affairs, Migration and Public Administration Reform of the EU Delegation in BiH.

“Education is the key to the development of any country, which is why we are especially glad to be partners in a program that teaches young civil servants from all around the BiH about EU standards and develops their ability to respond to the most current issues with knowledge, ability and inter-institutional cooperation,” has been pointed out by Peter Brown, Director of the British Council for the Western Balkans.

Through theoretical and practical examples, the participants conducted research aimed at improving the public sector in the fields of implementing the Green Agenda, suppressing conflicts of interest and discriminatory practices that are present in our society, developing the health sector, and improving business opportunities and encouraging the development of domestic businesses.

The two-day event was used to present the results of grant projects implemented by the participants and to discuss how to strengthen the intra-BiH cooperation among participants and institutions, outlining possibilities created within the alumni association.